• Samar Minallah Khan

    Samar Minallah Khan

  • Babusi


    Design Strategist | Innovator

  • Wolfkid


    Mother, complexity thinker, systems designer, environmentalist, urbanist, humanitarian — an eye on the stars, feet on the Earth & running with wolves.

  • Kuji VainGlorious Punjabi

    Kuji VainGlorious Punjabi

  • Zayd Minty

    Zayd Minty

    I am a cultural development management professional, curator and researcher based in South Africa. My current project is Creative City South.

  • Urbanjodi


    Archive of thoughts. Imperfect, incomplete and not assumed to be my final position. My actions speak louder than my words. Learn more: https://jodi.city

  • Aaliya C. Flowerbomb

    Aaliya C. Flowerbomb

  • Michael Murphy

    Michael Murphy

    SGI Buddhist, Loves Irish and Latin American Literature, History buff

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